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( and why the Omegle community is full of self-respecting pricks, in my opinion )

This incident won't reach a lot of people, here, or there, but although my words reach few, the few they do reach are gonna hear what the fuck I have to say. Because they read the entire thing, probably.


If you've been anywhere on the internet -- anywhere -- you've probably heard of the internet bullshit known as Chat Roulette. One site based around chat roulette is a shitstorm known as Omegle. Yeah, that site. It's filled with horny people in disguise, foreign people who are confused as to what you're talking about, legitimate pedophiles which I have seen in action, but was rendered useless in such a dilemma, etc, etc.

And, on the time of posting this, July 11th, a raid was hosted by yours truly. This raid made use of the "Spy" mode, which is where people volunteer to go into a special chat form, where someone posts a question, then the site randomly matches two people and the question, the two people to discuss the question, and their answers, and the question-dropper to watch them as they discuss it, but is unable to say anything.

The raid I did here was pretty simple. Put dumb shit in the question box, and sign it with "- Wyvill'n". This reached an estimated 800 people out of the average 34,000 that were online. Good, if I do say so myself. The response I was met with was not even from the moderators, despite their powerful reign. Rather, it was a harsh response from the Omegle community itself.

"fuck off w, insufferable cunt."

"what up faggot"

"kill yourself"

"maybe stop with the edgy jokes"

All of which are real quotes ripped from the assholes themselves. The shit I put wasn't even edgy, in retrospect. It was all just mildly -- mildly, okay? -- amusing shit that really didn't make any sense and was slapped there for fun.


Just, kinda let that sink in.


It's fucking stupid. These people come here for fun, laughs, and to meet new people. Ask super-invasive questions to a 14 year old, and say you're 19, male, and no one bats an eye. Put some stupid stuff in slightly bigger text above someone's conversation, everyone loses their fucking minds.

I've seen:

  • Pedophiles.
  • Kik advertisers.
  • Porn advertisers.
  • Horny girl bots.
  • Super racial spam.

All of the above are not allowed in any form on this site, and even appear in the question box, as well, yet not frowned upon. But my harmless joke? Nooo. We can't have some random dude posting some harmless stuff in an erratic manner in a question box!

Not only are the moderators being fucking lazy assholes,

but the community itself is filled with un-justified hate.

So, my final verdict on all of this shit is:

Try to keep away from Omegle if possible. Try other social media sites to find people with the same interest.

I'm not trying to be a prick, but this is my personal experience with the community, and your experience may-or-may-not be different, but keep in mind, this experience is over the period of a full 4 hours.


Thanks for actually listening to my shit!


~ Ze Prince of Ranting, Pr0xius

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